Licensing and Microchips

Licensing Requirements

All cats and dogs in Natrona County, Casper, and Bar Nunn must be licensed through Metro Animal Services. In order to get a license, your animal must have a current rabies vaccination.

Once the animal has a current rabies vaccination, you can purchase a license through City Hall customer service desk or at the Shelter.

License Fees:

Unaltered Animals in Casper and Bar Nunn: $25.00.
Microchipped and Unaltered: $15.00.
Altered Animal in Casper, Evansville, and Bar Nunn: $5.00.
If your animal is microchipped and altered the license is free.


Microchipping services are available at Metro Animal Shelter for $20 during regular business hours. Walk-ins welcome. We use PetLink microchips.