Animal Protection Services


The ordinances that elicit the most questions are:

  • How many animals can I have? If you live in Casper, or Bar Nunn, the maximum number of cats and dogs you can legally have is three. In the unincorporated areas of Natrona County, zoning requirements will determine how many animals you can have.
  • My neighbor’s dog barks all of the time, what do I do? The first thing that you should do is to talk to your neighbor and tell them of the problem. They might not even realize that their dog is barking. If this doesn’t work, then contact Non-emergency dispatch at 235-8278. They will have an Animal Control Officer contact the owner. The Officer will educate the owner and give them some possible solutions to the barking problem. If this doesn’t work, then we will have you fill out a Barking Dog Log. The purpose of the Barking Dog Log is to show the Court the dates and times the dog is barking. Once the Log is completed, return it to Metro and we will take it to the City Attorney for review. If the City Attorney finds there is enough evidence, then a summons will be issued and you will be required to testify in Court.
  •  Does my dog or cat need a license? All cats and dogs in Natrona County must be licensed through Metro Animal Services. In order to buy a license, you must have the cat or dog vaccinated against rabies. Once this is done, bring the rabies certificate to Metro and once payment is made, we will issue you a license for your cat or dog. You can also purchase the license at your Vet office.
  • What is running at large? A dog is deemed to be at large, if it is off the premises of the owner and the dog is not under restraint or is not under the control of the owner. A cat is deemed to be at large if it is on private property without prior permission of the property owner and does not wear a valid license tag attached to its collar or does not bear a tattoo or microchip.

Nuisance Animals
If you are having problems with nuisance animals we do offer traps that are available for rent.  The traps are on a first come first serve basis and require a form to be filled out at Metro and a $50.00 deposit cash or check.  The traps are rented out for a week at a time and when they are returned you will get your deposit back.  Once you trap your animal problem just give us a call and we will come collect it, or you are welcome to bring the trap and animal up to the shelter.